Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic


ACCESS TO THE CLINIC:Clinic provides services on C block, 4th floor. 


Leg arteries and varicose veins surgeries

Varicosity is the most common disease among the vascular diseases, and patients, for whom sclerotherapy procedure is unavailable, are taken into surgery.

Sclerotherapy For Varicosity

Schlerotherapy can be carried out without hospitalizing the patient. In some cases, it can be used as a complementary treatment after the surgery or in the treatment of relapses.

Port Catheter Operations:

This is the procedure performed with the aim of establishing vascular access procedure more convenient for the patients who are receiving chemotherapy. It is inserted through the shoulder or neck region. A metal ring is placed under the skin, above the right or left breast. The thin catheter that passes through the ring and extends into the heart provides more comfortable chemotherapy. It can be easily removed after the chemotherapy. It is applied with local anesthesia. It is an operation that does not require hospitalization.